About Us

Cividini Italia offers new opportunities to they both importers and exporters into Food&Beverage industry since 1987.

We are an Italian based company focused on exporting italian food Worldwide. We are the direct link between the manufactures and the importers. Our wide portfolio includes relevant italian producers both in the mass-market and the niche one.
Being the national point of contact for our importers is our key role, which stands us out. We take care from the products research to the final destination becoming an opportunity for the producers to grow internationally.
Starting from the knowledge of the Asian culture and the deep relations built during several years of experience on the territory have allowed us to bring the Made in Italy internationally.


Our Brand

Cividini Italia launched its own brand by selecting products which stand out for quality and simple ingredients.

New Opportunities

Cividini Italia acquired Naci International in 2012 developping new business opportunities and markets.

Cividini Italia

Cividini Italia was established in 2008 with the aim to enlarge the business Worldwide.

The First Export

Firstly known as Naci International S.r.l, it exported the first container from Italy to Japan in 1987. It was focused mainly on premium italian products into fashion industry, later the business expanded with Food & Beverage.

Roots Into Karate

Cividini Italia has its roots into the Japanese culture since 1976 when Bruno Cividini, karate trainee since 1969, proposed his new karate organization S.K.I Shotokan Karate International to Kanazawa Kan-cho, the major exponent of Karate Worldwide. The S.K.I developped globally.
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